Crating begins with a custom made cardboard box. This box is made with exacting detail and looks like a factory made product. Cardboard offers scratch protection and will not allow movement of the art within the inner crate. This custom cardboard container will not shrink, change shape or lose its protective qualities during shipping movement.
While providing protection, the technique for creating the custom cardboard container provides a neat, reusable and easily opened inner box.
A tight fitting, custom inner crate is built to exacting tolerances. This inner crate provides a layer of protection as well as a highly durable carrier that will "float" inside of the outer crate. Triangular corners are engineered for easy removal by novice clients.
The outer crate is constructed allowing up to 4 inches of "airspace". The inner crate will fit inside of the outer crate and the airspace will serve as an additional protective shield. Any penetration or concussion is much more likely to be absorbed by two crates with the airspace serving as an additional barrier. Penetration by machinery often will stop after the initial contact. In this event the airspace serves as the most significant protection. Additionally, crate handlers often stand on the crates while loading and unloading. The airspace absorbs the compression of someone standing on the crate.
Foam corners are constructed in place using "special dams". The inner crate now "floats" within the outer crate. Acting as shock absorbers, any shock, compression or penetration is softened by the absorbing qualities of the special custom foam corners.
Special designed Crates are made lightweight and "carrier" friendly. Ergonomically designed for easy handling with built in "hand holds". Damage is most frequently caused by the inability of the handler to manage the crates.


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